Smooth Wave is a track, an album and a description for a made up genre, that mixes Smooth Jazz and Synthwave. Thus „Smooth Wave“. Bernhard Ludescher a.k.a. DX-Digital sat behind this track as an arranger, mixer, producer and instrumentalist (piano, keyboards). With his background as a professional jazz pianist, DX-Digital is able to bring musical depth to a genre of electronic music, combining real instrumental chops with producing skills. Featuring 2 of his alltime favorite friends and saxophone players Vladimir Lebedev (UKR) and Omri Abramov (ISR)

eleased July 15, 2022

BERNHARD LUDESCHER A.K.A. DX-DIGITAL: Yamaha DX7, Keyboards, Piano, Mix, Master, Drum Programming
VLADIMIR LEBEDEV: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax („Investment“, „Testing Me“)
OMRI ABRAMOV: Tenor Saxophone („Closing Down“)

All tracks written by Bernhard Ludescher a.k.a. DX-Digital
© 2022 DX-Digital. All rights reserved. Album produced by Bernhard Ludescher. Recorded and mixed at DX-Digital Studios (Berlin, Germany). Mastered by Bernhard Ludescher & Markus Dassau at DX-Digital Studios (Berlin, Germany). Album design by ArtfulImagers.

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